Tuesday, July 30, 2019

WHMCS V7.8.0 Nulled

July 30, 2019 0

We are pleased to announce the launch of the WHMCS 7.8 public beta.

New features in WHMCS 7.8 include support for Multiple Pay Methods for Clients, a New and Improved Server Sync Tool, Free Time-Based Token Two-Factor Authentication, Client Area Password Generator, Server Setup Auto-complete, Automated Ticket Attachment Pruning and more... Join the beta to try it out today!

To learn more about what's new, please visit the WHMCS 7.8 Preview Site.

Take part in the beta
Be among the first to try out the new features and functionality by getting involved in the beta today.

Our public beta program gives you direct access to try our early pre-production releases and help test and contribute to the development process. To get started, you can download WHMCS 7.8 or upgrade to it using the Automatic Updater today.

As always, Beta releases are intended for testing only and are not recommended for production use.

Thank you for continuing to support and use WHMCS and we hope you enjoy the latest version.

Download WHMCS v7.8.0 Nulled

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

DNS Manager For WHMCS Nulled v2.11.0

July 27, 2019 0
DNS Manager For WHMCS Nulled is a fully featured module that will allow you to provision DNS zones, empowering both you and your clients to manage zones and records right inside your WHMCS. Owing to a vast choice of submodules, including the widely known cPanel, Cloudflare and Plesk ones, it easily adapts to even the most specific of business requirements.

As an administrator, you will maintain complete control over all DNS aspects and access a broad selection of supervision instruments. You will be able to create assorted packages with different combinations of settings and limitations that will help you tailor your offer dynamically to the evolving demands of your customers. At the same time, they will be allowed to create and exhaustively manage zones together with DNS and rDNS records without leaving your system. For instance, not only will it be possible to create zones from ready-made sets of DNS records, your clients will be also welcome to freely formulate such sets applicable to the zones they own all by themselves!

By virtue of the option to enable DNSSEC validation on PowerDNS, PowerDNS V4 and DirectAdmin servers, DNS Manager For WHMCS Nulled will contribute markedly to the security and trustworthiness of your DNS infrastructure. The module will also perfect many everyday work routines: you will be able to create, import and migrate DNS zones, handle their backups, send emails to your staff and clients, display logs and monitor the status of each scheduled task. Among the additional advantages, you will no doubt appreciate the ones of connecting with the module through the API, and bolstering its performance with IP subnets management upon the integration with IP Manager For WHMCS Nulled.

DNS Manager For WHMCS Nulled is a complete state-of-the-art solution for every single provider of web hosting services across the globe. Order the module today and storm into a whole new dimension of flexibility in DNS supervision!
What's New
  • Google Cloud DNS submodule
  • DNS Log Zone Actions - choose DNS actions to be logged and view a detailed change history, e.g. which of the old DNS records were changed to new ones - case #604
  • rDNS support for DirectAdmin submodule - case #621
  • URI and URL records support for PowerDNS server - case #640
  • Support for "{$serverhostname}" variable that can be used to include server hostname in DNS records sets - case #641
  • Define options to use domains with zones domain/product/addon/other items - case #592, #597
  • Choose whether the domains already used in created zones can be selected for a new zone
  • Implemented "Proxied" flag option for when a new DNS record is added for CloudFlare server - case #596
  • Indicate the backup owner in the new "Client" column on the "Zone Backups" list, instead of identifying them by their IDs included in the backup filename
  • The "IP Address" filed, when creating a new DNS Zone, will be now hidden if the custom IP option is disabled or IP Manager For WHMCS integration is not included
  • If a client owns a domain with a "Cancelled", "Fraud" or "Transferred Away" status, another client will be allowed to use it when creating a DNS zone - case #632
  • When editing zones, only new or edited records will be now sent through the POST method to improve the module's performance - case #594, #601
  • Support for WHMCS V7.4 and previous
  • If the API query limit for the Rackspace server is exceeded, the domain will no longer be incorrectly considered as deleted when it still exists - case #589
  • Rackspace submodule will no longer obtain only 100 domains even when more domain records were added - case #590
  • Fixed "This feature is not supported for protocol version" error that might have occurred in Plesk submodule for create/delete/get zone actions - case #593
  • When new DNS records are created from DNS records sets, the SOA record will be now updated instead of being created to avoid duplicating secondary records - case #595
  • Added missing "DIGEST" and "BASIC" HTTP Auth Type to Simple DNS Plus V8 configuration and corrected error handling - case #620
  • Resolved issues with setting up DNS zone records for Simple DNS Plus V8 server - case #609
  • Fixed problem with using "Rectify Zone" feature that created unnecessary new key records for PowerDNS V4 server - case #626
  • The new NS record will be now added only if it does not exist in "dns_get_record" yet to avoid duplication when populating nameservers, e.g. in PowerDNS V4 server - case #636
  • Resolved issue with overriding SOA record for PowerDNS V4 server - case #552
  • Fixed problem with adding PTR record for PowerDNS V4 server where the last part of an IP address might have been cut - case #602
  • Disabled pagination in the "Zones to Backup" page to avoid problems with displaying more than 10 zone records on the list - case #606
  • Fixed problem with the "Number of Zones" counter that displayed "1" value in the backups list section - case #606
  • Solved problem with obtaining only the last added PTR record from PowerDNS V4 server - case #603
  • Resolved issue with SQL exception error that occurred in PowerDNS V4 submodule when the domain on the server was stored in capital letters - case #639
  • The value of TXT record in Plesk submodule will no longer be incorrectly stored in the quotation marks - case #635
  • Corrected and added missing translations to the language file - case #587, 599
  • Other code tweak-ups and corrections

Demo DNS Manager For WHMCS

Download DNS Manager For WHMCS Nulled

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

CRM For WHMCS Nulled v2.5.4

June 25, 2019 0
CRM For WHMCS Nulled is a revelatory module created for complex customer relationship management including the leads, potentials and any other contact type you wish to create as well as the follow-ups. With its help, all contact details of prospective clients will be organized in a transparent list directly in your system. Along with that, you will be able to add new contacts, convert their status at any time or even create accounts for them without the need to leave the addon page. Of no less substance is the fact that you will be given the possibility to set up your own labels and assign to them clients on the Kanban board through the convenient drag & drop functionality. What is more, you may gather contacts' details by generating and locating customized web forms on your external web sites to obtain data as easily and quickly as possible.
Furthermore, the module includes a wide spectrum of advanced features to facilitate your business management. You will be allowed to define permissions for each administrator role, send automated emails, issue announcements, add notes, create campaigns, generate quotes as well as view logs and other details of your tasks. Another component worth mentioning is the capability to manage automation groups and construct rules in order to automatically create follow-ups, send notifications, and add reminders. There is even an option to add custom fields for your contacts in order to gather every required information in one place as well as possibility to access complete conversation history directly from the contact view. All the data can be imported/exported so you will be enabled to migrate them between WHMCS systems or simply make a backup whenever you need to. No less convenient is the ability to turn on the standalone mode which renders the addon page outside WHMCS or toggle full screen for particular widgets.
In addition, you will be able to overview and analyze assembled information thanks to the graphic presentation on the dashboard. Alongside the statistical graphs and tables, there will be a calendar showing the schedule of foreseen follow-ups. Should you prefer to handle the follow-ups using WHMCS or Google calendar, it will be also possible thanks to the built-in integration.
What makes the module even more unique is the possibility to combine it with our other products. You can expand its efficiency with the help of Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS Nulled which will let you originate calls between any destination number directly in the addon. Your administrators will be able to receive SMS reminders upon integration with SMS Center For WHMCS Nulled. Finally, Quotes Automation For WHMCS Nulled will increase quotes functionalities.
Discover the new definition of customer relationship management with CRM For WHMCS Nulled. Order the module today and unlock endless possibilities to enhance your business connections!


Download CRM For WHMCS Nulled

Lagom Simple WHMCS theme v1.3.0 Nulled

June 25, 2019 0
Lagom Simple WHMCS theme Nulled is a fully responsive WHMCS template offering the choice of different styles and layouts for the ultimate user experience.

Choose your favorite style, adjust the layout to your liking, and... grant your clients the unforgettable user experience! Let them see in an instant that navigation through your WHMCS has never felt this smooth and intuitive!


  • Different Layouts - choose between 5 different navigations.
  • Different Styles - choose between 3 different theme styles.
  • Order Form - Boost your sales with more intuitive WHMCS ordering experience.
  • Fully responsive - Lagom is a fully responsive WHMCS theme, designed to always look sharp and utilize 100% of screen estate on every device.
  • Simple management - Choose the best style and layout for your WHMCS business.
  • Easy Branding - Add a logo and favicon to your WHMCS theme with just a few clicks.
  • Developer Friendly - Add custom WHMCS styles and dedicated layout easily with Sass.
  • RTL Support
  • Ability to create templates for theme pages.
  • Ability to overwrite template .tpl files
  • Possibility to search the Domain TLDs in the TLD dropdown

Demo Lagom Simple WHMCS theme

Download Lagom Simple WHMCS theme Nulled

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Multibrand For WHMCS v2.2.1 Nulled

October 21, 2018 0
Multibrand For WHMCS v2.2.1 Nulled
Multibrand For WHMCS is a revolutionary module that will allow you to handle multiple businesses on multiple websites while using just a single WHMCS license! With it, your audience will be welcome to access personalized client areas, each with a different logo, templates and plenty other elements of a brand they ordered from.
After you assign your clients to each of your brands, either automatically or manually, you will be allowed to migrate them between the brands whenever required. The module will also enable you to regulate the pricing of products, addons and domains, as well as define product bundles and promotions – all details are manageable for every set up brand separately. In addition, you will be invited to adjust the invoices and quotes, together with configuration of such famous payment gateways as PayPal, 2Checkout and Stripe. Even ticket departments and ticket piping emails, announcements, knowledgebase articles and downloads can be designed per brand to further individualize the customer experience. Just as importantly, each brand can have assigned its own SMTP mailbox and email templates in as many languages as you need. Due to the wide range of branding capabilities, the module will keep dynamic statistics to let you easily trace any single action performed under managed businesses.
It is about time you cut down the redundant costs! Order Multibrand For WHMCS today to market your unique products and services through finely tailored brands and keep every little detail under absolute supervision right in your WHMCS installation!

Demo Multibrand For WHMCS

Download Multibrand For WHMCS

Domains Reseller For WHMCS v1.6.12 Nulled

October 21, 2018 0
Domains Reseller For WHMCS v1.6.12 Nulled
Domains Reseller For WHMCS is a thought-out module that will allow you to resell your TLDs handily. With our product you will be able to easily manage your resellers and let them instantly start reselling domains directly to their own clients. What is more, the module is equipped with its own API which can be used by your resellers to offer domains to end clients even through other systems such as HostBill, Blesta or Clientexec!
Furthermore, Domains Reseller For WHMCS will let you assign promotional codes to your API users, manage credits and refund policy, automatically generate the API knowledge base for your resellers in the WHMCS client area, view the API logs and much more.
The entire concept is pretty simple yet very effective. Install and configure the main module in WHMCS, generate your own registrar module to be installed by your resellers within their own systems. Then they can offer TLDs directly to their own clients. Works like a charm!
Would you like to find new ways of distributing your domains and increasing your earnings? Order Domains Reseller For WHMCS, build a network of trusted resellers and offer your TLDs to the whole world!

Demo Domains Reseller For WHMCS

Download Domains Reseller For WHMCS

Friday, September 7, 2018

Universe WHMCS template Nulled

September 07, 2018 0

Universe WHMCS Template

Universe is a fully responsive HTML5/CSS3 web hosting template built for WHMCS. It features our exclusive settings area, multi-language support, a highly optimised cart and is fully customisable!

Responsive & fluid

Universe is fully responsive meaning it will automatically adjust to fit the size of the device your visitor is using. No matter if someone views your website on a desktop computer or a smart phone Universe will scale beautifully to fit. It is also fluid meaning it's been built using percentages rather than fixed pixels so instead of having break-points (e.g iPhone, iPad) it will respond when needed. This creates a very smooth transition and most importantly means Universe will support future devices without the need to be edited.

Demo Universe WHMCS Template

Download Universe WHMCS Template

Friday, August 31, 2018

Android Live TV with Material Design Nulled

August 31, 2018 0
Android Live Tv Application is app that show live tv on android device. Watch your favorite TV channels Live in your mobile phone with this Android application on your Android device. that support almost all format.The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.
Demo Admin Url:
Username: admin
password: admin

Demo Android Live TV with Material Design

Glaze WHMCS Template v1.1 nulled

August 31, 2018 2
Glaze is one of our responsive WHMCS templates, perfect for those that want a clean red and black theme. Glaze allows your visitors to quickly view your web hosting packages and proceed with their order without distractions commonly found on most templates.


Glaze comes with a massive array of features:
  • Responsive - this template is fully responsive meaning it'll automatically adjust to fit the the device used to view the template. So on a desktop computer it'll show the full scale view and on a smart-phone such as the iPhone it'll scale down to fit the screen. Not only is this template responsive but it's also fluid meaning it's built using percentages rather than fixed pixels so instead of having break-points (e.g iPhone, iPad) it'll respond when it needs to so it'll support most devices including those yet to be launched.
  • Exclusive settings area - Wizard Panel is our exclusive settings area that can be found inside your WHMCS admin panel once the template is installed. Using Wizard Panel you can turn on/off pages/features, edit your hosting plans, add your social links, add custom CSS & more!
  • Quick setup - instantly display products/categories from your WHMCS in your template! No longer will you have to manually add your plans!
  • 10 interactive hosting pages, 10 plans per page, 3 layout options - we've integrated 10 hosting pages that are editable via Wizard Panel. These pages support 1-10 plans using 3 display options (table, table2 & feature boxes) and allow you to add your plans/services easily without touching any code. These pages can also be re-named for any type of products/services of your choice (while still being editable using Wizard Panel) following our tutorial
  • 3 menu layout options - Glaze includes 3 menu layout options which can be set instantly from inside Wizard Panel. The 3 layout options include a mega menu, dropdown menu and basic menu.
  • Custom cart integration - we've developed a highly optimised checkout experience for Glaze. When a visitor clicks through to the cart the template will automatically remove any distracting elements such as the menus to create a slimmed down and clutter free checkout experience. The menu is also replaced by a 3 step progress bar showing your visitors exactly where they are in the order process. We've also implemented a items in cart notice to try and redirect the user back to checkout if they abandon the process.
  • Multi-language support - Glaze has 3 options for multi-language support, the first is Google translate which adds instant and easy full language support to your website. The second is native WHMCS multi-language support (translations not included) and the third is to turn off multi-languages all together.
  • Search engine optimized - Glaze is very search engine friendly. You can define your page title, meta description & meta tags for the main template pages from inside Wizard Panel. The code is very clean, optimized for speed and semantic which is important for search engine optimization.
  • HTML Snippets - Glaze comes with a selection of copy/paste HTML code snippets which you can use to easily create pricing tables, feature boxes, buttons & more for your custom pages. The code will generate fully responsive elements that are exactly the same as already used in the Wizard Panel based pages.
  • Create unlimited pages - you can create unlimited pages in the template, we have a tutorial on how to do this.
  • Social integration - we've integrated 19 social networks, all of which can be adjusted via Wizard Panel.
  • Fully customizable - this template has unlimited possibilities, you can add new pages, change the colors by editing the CSS or change the whole structure of the template by editing the markup

Demo Glaze WHMCS Template

Download Glaze WHMCS Template

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Whmcs v7.6.1 Nulled

August 29, 2018 2
We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 7.6.1.
This is a maintenance update that addresses issues identified since the release of 7.6.0 last month.

Getting the Update
You can update automatically using the Automatic Updater. Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the update process. 
As always, manual downloads are also being made available for those who wish to upgrade manually. You can download both the full release and incremental versions from the Download page

To learn more about WHMCS 7.6 and what's new, read the WHMCS 7.6 Release Announcement or visit the What's New in 7.6 microsite. 

Thank you for continuing to support and use WHMCS and we hope you enjoy the latest version. 

Download WHMCS V7.6.1